Why join IRIS Technology Solutions inc?

We provide training with track record of batches with quality consultants trained and placed. our placement record is nearly 100%.

Top of the line training by highly experienced professional with emphasis on real time problems Competitive salary package with Promised timely placement Excellent marketing staff with dedicated recruiters to handle each consultant’s marketing specifically.

Our Direct clients include SAP America, Accenture, IBM, Wipro, Cognizant, Pepsi, Panasonic, Patni, USDA, TCS, HCL America, Kraft foods etc.

Expert legal team of lawyers for advice and filing of H1 and for other immigration related issues. A huge database of interview questions, Video tutorials, pdfs and knowledge banks.

Services we offer
* IT Staffing
* IT Training
* IT Development
* Internet Marketing


CMS Development


IRIS Technology Solutions provides affordable content management solutions that deliver a greater level of functionality when compared to other CMS (Content Management System) vendors. As a CMS developer, we meet the web content management needs of any organization, and our CMS solutions integrate quickly without hefty integration fees. Our user-friendly CMS empowers anyone to become comfortable with website management. 


Content Management System & Document Management
We simplify website management in order to allow business owners and non-technical personnel to add, author, and update web content on the fly with multilingual support. Our customized CMS puts messaging in the hands of the people who know it best, as it applies workflows, approvals, and permissions, as well as maintains a complete history of the changes. Editing content is as easy as editing a document with our CMS integration.

Integrated Web Site Analytics
Track the life cycle of your Website's visitors via CMS integration. View real-time statistics to see how many people have come to your site, where they came from, and what pages they viewed. CMS integration helps you run reports by day, week, month, year, or specify your own custom date range.

Blogs can be freeform, like traditional blogging tools. Or, with CMS development, you can take your blog to the next level by posting workflows, having comment moderation, blog viewer authentication, and structured blogging. It's all about being in the driver's seat with your web content management.

Forums, Threaded Discussions, & Message Boards
Encourage interaction among your online community with forums. Allow anonymous posts or use a built-in membership security model for authentication. Forums are browser-independent thanks to the WYSIWYG editor.

Subscriptions & Web Alerts
Our CMS website development will also allow your site visitors to self-register and self-administrate email notification preferences. When content is added or updated, an email is automatically generated and sent to subscribers.

Integrated Document Management
With web content management simplified, you can always find the document you need to read or edit. Manage all your documents and digital assets online just like Website content with our CMS development. Apply permissions, workflows, approvals, and maintain a complete history of changes over time. Auto-generate PDFs or publish to HTML on the fly.