Why join IRIS Technology Solutions inc?

We provide training with track record of batches with quality consultants trained and placed. our placement record is nearly 100%.

Top of the line training by highly experienced professional with emphasis on real time problems Competitive salary package with Promised timely placement Excellent marketing staff with dedicated recruiters to handle each consultant’s marketing specifically.

Our Direct clients include SAP America, Accenture, IBM, Wipro, Cognizant, Pepsi, Panasonic, Patni, USDA, TCS, HCL America, Kraft foods etc.

Expert legal team of lawyers for advice and filing of H1 and for other immigration related issues. A huge database of interview questions, Video tutorials, pdfs and knowledge banks.

Services we offer
* IT Staffing
* IT Training
* IT Development
* Internet Marketing


Mobile Application Development


The advent of powerful, user-friendly smart phones with always-on Internet connection has heralded a new era in mobile computing. For businesses, there is a new channel to reckon with, which, if properly utilized, is a powerful medium to connect with customers, suppliers and employees. The mobile channel has both advantages and disadvantages vis-à-vis the traditional Internet accessed through the desktop. For one, the screen sizes are much smaller compared to a desktop or even a netbook. The form factor is not the same. Users interact differently too. Instead of point-and-click, they touch, pinch or flick. On the other hand, mobile applications are more easily accessible and are location aware. All this means you have to chalk out a solid mobile strategy before taking the plunge.

At IRIS Technology Solutions we can help your organization chart out a mobile strategy and implement it. The strategic decisions to make include whether to use mobile-web or go native, what phones to support and the type of architecture based on the reliability of the connection. Mobile-web works across most smart phones with no need to rewrite the application for each device. However, it does not work if the phone is not connected to the network like when you are in an airplane or inside a building where the carrier's signals have no reach.